Thursday, May 29, 2008

20,000 hits

And the winner of the 20,000th hit is: Jim

It's so hard to believe that 20,000 people have found my little blog interesting enough to visit, but if anyone was to get this honor, I'm happy it was Jim.

I'm back in Phoenix tonight and I'll be in town for the next 9 days. I'm supposed to go to Toulouse, France mid-June, but my travel budget won't support it. Hell, I just got back from LA and I paid for my own airfare. June is shaping up to be: LA, Redmond WA, Toronto ONT, Mexicali BC (Mexico).

In the mean time, my friend Ewen suggest that I let my weight drift up to 90KG before I decided to turn the corner and go back down to 160 lbs ... darn good idea. I was 199.5 lbs this evening, fully dressed. That's 90.5 KG, so perhaps I'm ready to reverse the trend.

Take care,



Ted said...

20,000 hit??? Holy cow. What prize did Jim get?

J~Mom said...

Dang, I knew I should have checked your blog yesterday. :>D

DawnB said...

that's funny about the weight. I'm at a stand still and am now thinking maybe it was meant to be :(:(

Ewen said...

Only because 90 is a nice ((round)) figure Phil. I'm sure you'll get back to 73 if you can knock back some more of that travel. I'm suprised domestic airlines are still flying in the US. Even ours down here are cutting back on routes (petrol is $1.50/litre and going up by the month).

Have a good rest of the weekend.

Gotta Run said...


Scott and I are thinking that the 19th, thursday may be a great night to meet you and your wife for dinner. By then we feel sure the boys will want to ditch us for a free night and do something on their own.

My dad says that 200 plus is the "big boys club" so turn now and head back the other direction.


Josh said...

What site analytics are you using?