Monday, May 26, 2008


You know you're out of shape when it takes a few days to recover from a middle-of-the-pack 5K effort. I didn't do anything yesterday other than lounge around my sister-in-law's house in Manhattan Beach. Tough duty, but someone needs to step up to the plate. Of course, there was no way my quads were going to let me get in a run, so I made the most of the opportunity to simply veg.

This morning was different. The soreness in my quads was mostly gone and the sun was out in full force early in the morning, so I used the opportunity to get in a short recovery run along the beach and brought along my camera to take a few pictures. Those who have followed this blog for a while have seen similar shots over and over; but I can't get enough of them. Besides, it's my blog, so I'll post what I want to.

Pick Ax Fish Sculpture

Red Roses

Yellow Roses

Manhattan Beach Pier - From Above

Manhattan Beach Pier - From Below

Yet another self-portrait

Fast runners coming and going

This afternoon my wife and I along with my sister-in-law and her husband rode bikes down the coast to the Hermosa Beach Festival where I took the following pictures.

I realize tattoos are all the rage ... but sometimes I just have to wonder what these folks were thinking.

Enough of the body art ... there was plenty of other things to see

I've got nothing against kilts, they look real comfortable; but I don't think this outfit was the best choice for this gentleman's this morning.

I don't know who died and assigned me as Chief of the Fashion Police, but, people, please, enough with the UGGS at the beach.


Jamie said...

What is up with those kooky Californians?! At least the woman with the Uggs had something above the waist worth looking at. :-)

J~Mom said...

This is a funny post!!! LOL!!!

I think we need to set a temperature limit on the UGGS. How about if the weather hits 60 degrees then your UGGS go in the closet. ;>)

Dusty said...

I don't know who died and assigned me as Chief of the Fashion Police


LOL... the pictures were funny. I didn't expect that when it started off with the beach and roses. ;)

jeanne said...

great photos, and I'm assigning you chief of fashion police! hilarious! especially loved the poor guy in the kilt!

rundangerously said...

uggs at the beach - hilarious! maybe she was worried about the sand?

fwiw, when my (then 12 y.o.) got a pair of those, she wore them everywhere! but by the time summer rolled around, the thrill had worn off and so she switched over to flip flops...

Anonymous said...

Great pics minus the uggs and tattoos. I loved the doggy and beach pictures.

Deene said...

i agree - enough with the uggs everywhere, esp. at the beach! tattoo spotting is fun, i wonder about them myself.

Gotta Run said...

WOW... just read your race report. GREAT job and pcae. Remember... not every race has to be a PR. You are back in the game and that is what counts.

LOVE the photo of Chad, Lisa and you. You guys were covered with sweat!!

Also, great variety of pics from this post. You continue to crack me up.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

great photos :)

DawnB said...

Photos are great Phil, had a few laughs as well. In my book you did pretty darn good. That was the fastest I've ever ran a 5k and I haven't done it since. thats why I can do so many races, i'm not fast. At least you got to run with too fellow bloggers.

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

I must say Phil, you certainly travel to places with do I put this...unique individuals. A couple of those people truly frighten me. Just be sure to photograph from a safe distance and try not to engage in conversation with them.

Ted said...

The picture of the dog was the best of all. Love it !!! Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach are the best place to see a lot of interesting thing. You sure do get around dude !!!

Runningdoctor said...

Phil, glad to read you're back at racing. The times will come down over the summer, for sure.

Ewen said...

I can never get enough beach photos Phil... but, when I saw that bottom one, I felt like apologising for the person who decided to export Aussie Ugg boots to the US!