Sunday, May 04, 2008

Weekend Update

Don't know when I became a "once-a-week" blogger, but ... that's were I'm at.

Spent last week in Los Angeles. Got in a couple of decent runs in Manhattan Beach; but got very little sleep and ate like I was running 20 miles a day. I'm heading off to Seattle on Tuesday, but decided to opt of Yeovil, England the following week, so things should be be slowing down.

So how I'm I doing against my Game Plan after one week?

1) Get off my ass and sign up for some races - Check - Signed up for 5 5Ks this summer; however, it looks like I'll be in California over Memorial Day weekend and will miss the first race

2) Get a plan - Check - Following Cool Running's "Coach to 5K" plan. Actually, I'm using this as an outline, increasing the level of each workout and running through them faster than the plan calls out.

3) Cross training - Check - keeping up with my cycling; about 40 minutes a day + 2 hours during the weekends.

4) Stretching - Check - Keeping it simple, but I'm doing the basics.

5) Yoga - Not yet.

6) Improved diet - Good idea; just not happening,

7) Learning Spanish - Started - Just the basics, but I started. I have a meeting with one of my Mexican employees on Monday and will try out a few phrases. That's how I learned French, one phrase at at a time, we'll see how it goes.

8) Travel less - Nope -Although I did decide not to go to Yeovil, England this month. I'll need to stay up all night in a couple of weeks to cover the meeting from Phoenix, but I won't spend 48 hours travel out and back. I'll still be traveling around North America.


Thomas said...

At least you're still blogging. Once a week is a lot better than not at all!

Running 5 races in the summer might get you out of this slump.

Deene said...

it's always good to have a plan.
i like your #6 comment!

angie's pink fuzzy said...

what a busy life! it's great that you are working on crafting it to be the life you want :)

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

I'm signed up for the ARR Summer Series 5k's...hopefully I can finally meet you at one of them.

Ewen said...

Four 'checks' and one 'started' is a 'pass' to my way of thinking.

Keep it going Phil.

Carmen said...

Boy, you and I have really been putting out the miles -both in the air and on the road! i've become a once every two weeks blogger! :( I'm not too thrilled about it either.

Hey, I've learned some basic spanish too! Just questions and words that could help me get through interviews with farm workers for the jay-oh-bee. My favorite word has got to be, toallas de papel or paper towels. :)

Michele said...

Looks like you are doing good on that check list.
Sucks you gotta miss the very first race you signed up for. Hope nothing pops up for any of the others.

Dusty said...

That happens to me to (the bloging rate changes), I notice I go in waves - depending on how hectic work and life gets. Some days just blur by.

Sounds like a great list. I wish I could help with spanish, but my teacher made sure I knew how to say "Yo no habla Espanol" when I finished. I can ask for beer, the bathroom, hello, please, thank you very much and I'm sorry you have dialed the wrong number. ASL (American Sign Language) - I'm your gal.

I loved running the summer series! If I get out there this summer, I'll have to sign up for one!

Gotta Run said...

#6 is KEY!! With all of the travel you do i can only imagine that this is hard BUT I know you can do it. You already have in the past do just DO IT :)

Once a week blogger.... don't sweat it. Life just gets busy.

Counting the days until VACATION TIME!!!

StumbleGuy said...

Hey Phil. Just catching up after a long while way. Glad to see that with everything that's happened, you've made a plan to aim to improve things.

For weight loss, you might take a look at the 10in10 challenge. . It's several weeks in now, but shows how a group of bloggers can get round an idea to lose 10lb and then support each other through. With your readership, you might find people to join you in something similar, or join this one and start your clock a bit later!

All the best.


DawnB said...

All we can do is take it one day at time phil. Keep at it we will achieve.

J~Mom said...

I am glad you are still motivated Phil!

I am working on those deep cleansing breaths but I do feel over my head on this one. :>P

I keep forgetting to ask DH about what podcasts he uses for Spanish but I will!!

See you in a few weeks at the 5K! I know I am going to PR...ok, I hope to PR. LOL