Sunday, June 15, 2008

The longest 5K

I "ran" the 2nd 5K in the Arizona Road Racer's 5K Summer Series this morning. It wasn't my best effort. In fact, it was the slowest 5K I've ever run; finishing in 25:40 (I think). Gun time was 6:30 AM and I left the house in a rush, forgetting my watch, my iPod and my camera --- so no pictures today.

I got to check-in just before 6, got my bib and timing chip and started jogging around the start area trying to warm-up. I always crack up when the phrase "warm-up" starts rattling around my brain when the air temperature is already well north of 80F, but warm up I did.

I spotted one of the 50-somethings in the club that usually runs about as fast as I run and stalked him in the chute area until the gun went off. I figured I'd just pace along with him for the first two miles, but that plan flew out the window within 10m of the start line. His pace was way too slow, so I took off with the pack of runners surrounding me at the moment.

This race starts out on a paved street for the first 1/2 mile and breaks off onto a narrow desert trail. I didn't want to be in a pack at the trail head, so I scooted ahead and set my sights on a short muscular guy with an enormous tatoo on his right arm. I paced behind Ishmael onto the trail and stayed with him until the first mile marker. Feeling pretty good, I picked up the pace again and got around him; only to have him surge past me within the next 100m. This guy must have figured I was racing him. We traded places until the water station at the half-way point, where I picked up the pace again and continued passing runners.

At the 2 mile marker, the timer yelled out 17:35. 17:35! Hot crap Batman. No wonder I was feeling so good; I'd been jogging for the past 2 miles. I picked up the pace again until I was at least breathing hard and crossed the finish line with 26:26 reading on the race clock. I knew I'd had crossed the start line at least 30 seconds after the gun, so I was sure I was in the 25:xx somewhere, but hadn't recalled that I've only run one other 5K over 25:00. Oh, well. At least I had a good time.

I finished up with another lap around the course to finish out the week with 22.6 miles. Not too bad. I'm on my way to Toronto this afternoon. Will be back in Phoenix on Wednesday.

Take care


J~Mom said...

Nice race Phil! You crack me up with the people you pick out to race! Have a great trip!

Ewen said...

Hey Phil, it's good to see you having fun racing, even if you're with a different group than in the 21+ minute days. I'm not sure I'd be as keen as you to line up for a 6.30am start.

Have a good week - hope your stars (I mean flights) are in alignment.

jen said...

Nice race! Glad you had fun and didn't sweat the finish time too much. Great job picking it up in the 3rd mile too! :)

Jim said...

Phil, nice to see you getting back into it.

I hate to do this but I have to . .

You've been tagged. I hate this stuff too but fun to read what other people have to say. Go to my blog to get the 5 questions.

Josh said...

"...and breaks off onto a narrow desert trail."

Man, that's cool. I've never even seen a desert.