Sunday, June 22, 2008

Mountain Rescue

First, I will admit that I am not a fan of TV news; especially local news. The talking heads just drive me batty. That said, I had to laugh at the breathless tones used by the male/female news readers in Tucson describing a "search & rescue" operation in the Santa Catalina Mountains last week. It was the lead story on 06/11/08.


I wouldn't have known about it if my daughter's boyfriend wasn't on the team that found the "lost hiker" and for some unknown reason one of the local TV news outlets got a reporter on the scene in time to interview him. He shows up on the tape at the 0:51 mark and again at 1:19. The guy is part of the Southern Arizona Rescue Association and goes out on searches all the time. Most are much more difficult than this one, but few have any coverage (thankfully). It's interesting to listen to the calm and matter of fact method he uses to describe the situation in stark contrast to the "anchors" or the on-site reporter.

As for me, my week has been far less exciting:

1) I got to run through down-town Toronto for the first time under lovely conditions
2) I got in a couple of nice treadmill runs at my gym, too much of a wimp to run outside with temperatures north of 110F
3) I proved to myself that I can still bicycle to work when the temperatures reach 110F
4) I got to have dinner with fellow blogger Robin and her husband
5) Got in a delightful drive from Sedona (4,000 ft) to Phoenix (1,100 ft) with the top down.
6) Once I got back to Phoenix from Toronto, I got in two lovely dinners with one of my daughters.
7) Despite over eating while Toronto, my weight is continuing to decrease; still north of 190, but heading in the right direction

All in all, a great week.

Cities visited: 4 (Toronto, Niagara Falls, Sedona, Phoenix)
Runs: 4 runs for 17 miles
Bike: 2 rides for 10 miles
Weight: 191.5

Take care


Comm's said...

link doesn't work. That sucks. I wanted to watch the vid.

your description reminded me of the reporter on Today or GMA that was bemoaning something about katrina while in a canoe and two firefighters walked across the camera showing the water was about one foot.

Deene said...

reminds me a subject on talk radio this morning where headlines differ from actual content or biased reporting. i didn't get to see the video either.

Gotta Run said...

My goodness... you are a posting machine. love it!

You are one busy person with all of your travel. Thanks again for joining Scott and I for dinner. It was just such a great time meeting you.

Sedona reached 111 degrees on Friday. Too hot to live!!

Chad Aaron Sayban said...

That does sound like a great week. I wish I had a chance to meet Robin. Sounds like a wonderful time.

...and yet, it is #$%& hot!

DawnB said...

busy week Phil way to stay on track with the weight loss also

Ewen said...

Your daughter's boyfriend is now a media star. Next step a bit-part in CSI ;)

You have had a great week Phil - sounds plenty exciting to me!

J~Mom said...

Phil~He looks like a nice young man! Scary for the girl but it sounded pretty uneventful for the team.