Friday, June 20, 2008

Running Toronto

Toronto is a hard city to beat in the summer time. I've been there in the winter, and for this dyed-in-the-wool desert dweller, it's just brutal; but what a difference in the summer. I left the down-town Hilton at 5:30AM and headed for Lake Ontario. Of course, the door I exited was 90 deg off where I thought I was and I ended up running due East for a 1/2 mile before I figured it out. But it was all good. People in that part of the planet just can't imagine what I feel when the temperature signs are flashing 11C, 11C, 11C ... OMG 11!!!!!!!!!!!!! in late June. I won't see 52F (11C) at home until November. Not only is the town a great respite from the oppressive heat in central Arizona, but it's also a pretty town. I took the following pics during my short running tour of the city.

The CN Tower. I think this is the tallest structure in North America. Cool place; and just look at that sky. Did I mention that it was only 52F out side!

Took this pic on a little bay off the lake. This isn't a working ship - it's now a restaurant, but I like the way it reflected off the calm water in the morning light.

Lake Ontario from the hotel

Early morning constitutional

I also realized during this trip that life is getting way too complicated. I arranged for my wife to meet me in Toronto. She was on vacation in Southern California, so needed to take a different flight. The weather in Toronto on Sunday night was horrible, so her flight from Santa Ana, CA and my flight from Phoenix, AZ were both divert to Buffalo, NY for refueling. For about an hour, we were both sitting on the tarmac at the airport in Buffalo, but on different planes. She did eventually beat me to Toronto by 30 minutes.


Ewen said...

11C is a good temp for running Phil - we've been getting around that most afternoons for the past few weeks.

Thanks for the photos. I'll be sure to take the "Maid of the Drenching" tour when I visit the falls.

Yvonne said...

great pics! i was just running in blessedly COOL Canada myself this week.

your last paragraph really had me giggling. that makes for a great 'modern day chaotic life' story!

Bruce said...

Nice photos. Looks like I picked the wrong time of year to visit Canada, back in April. I had to cope with -10 to -15 C in the Rockies. Skiing was nice though.

Brie said...

Hi Phil:

September is a much better time to run in Toronto. The humidity dissipates by that time, but it's still warm, in Fahrenheit it's about 59-68.

If you really want to challenge yourself, there is a great waterfront marathon at that time too. September 28th to be sure. More information can be found on their webiste

And yes, I've run that course many times, it's nice and flat.

jeanne said...

i had a biz trip to toronto a while back and I think i stayed in the same hotel, AND took the same wrong turn! i too ran down to the lake. what a great city! loved it. great pix too!

Josh said...

I very much enjoyed Toronto when I was there the last time. A lovely city.

PS - loved your anecdote about being on separate planes in Buffalo. Such is life in the modern world.