Friday, June 27, 2008

Vanquish the Pretenders

I won’t BS you. This has been a trying day. Got up at 5AM; rode my bicycle to work at 6AM; started a 5 hour meeting to justify increasing my staff (8AM to 1PM); walked across the street to the “sub shop” for lunch but spent 30 minutes sitting in front of the place talking to staff around the planet; finally got a sandwich and walked back to office; started my Q2 financial ritual (don’t ask); called a potential candidate for my group – got told to fxxk off; called HR, contemplated a boat load of numbers until 6PM; road my bike home; roasted a pork-loin on the BBQ; ate dinner at 8PM; contemplated more numbers; issued my Q2 report at 10PM; headed to the gym for a 6 mile jog; over did it; got home at 12PM. It just cracks me up when the fat and slovenly say they don’t have time to exercise.

For all the bitching and moaning, I had a great time at the gym tonight. I’m really starting to scare myself. Last year, I complained every time the high heat forced me to the gym to run on the treadmill. Now, I’m looking forward to it. The difference, of course, was last year I was in shape and was going to run 12 to 20 miles. This year, I’m a member of the “Big Boys Club” and consider 7 miles a “long run.”

Tonight was especially sweet. I got to the gym at 10:30PM, check myself in (no one was at the desk) and walked upstairs to the treadmills. The long row of machines was empty, except for 2, occupied by a couple of 20-somethings. As I walked by them, they certainly looked fit. Wearing legit running attire, the waif on the right was not exactly the illustrated women, but close enough – and she looked like she could kick my butt without to much of a problem.

I selected a machine directly across from the TV running non-stop CNN (Anderson Cooper 24/7 … I can’t really see the screen without my glasses, but it’s entertaining) and started my warm up. The tattooed lady cranked up her speed and started running in earnest. I took up the challenge and increased the pace to 9/mi. 4 minutes later, she was gassed and stopped – YES – another one bites the dust.

My mission tonight was to see if I could get in a simple set of 4 intervals. Nothing too fast, just enough to see if I could stretch out my legs. I ran a nice 3 mile warm up before starting the intervals and then planned to run half mile intervals with quarter mile recoveries; starting at 8/mi and progressing to 7/mi.

Near the end of my first interval (running 7:58/mi) another 20 something (what is it with young women and the gym at this late hour) got on the treadmill a 2 from my right and started running with abandon. Cool – a real runner – this will be fun. I finished the interval, ran the quarter mile recovery and accelerated up to 7:30/mi for the second interval. 2 minutes into my 7:30/mi interval, she conked out and stopped – YES, another one bites the dust. I RULE THE LATE NIGHT GYM

Now as long as none of you show up, I can continue this delusion.

Take care.


Bruce said...

You certainly make the most of all 24 hours in a day. Nice work on the treadmills!

Gotta Run said...

I love it... love it... LOVE IT. Another one bites the dust :-). Phil rules!!

I hate excuses and you continue to show that if you want something you make it fit in. I would bet most could not keep up with the crazy work schedule you have. Way to show us how it is done.

FYI... I don't think you really are a member of the "Big Boys Club" like you may think. Scott is 3 lbs. away from no longer being a member himself.

Love your post!!

Deene said...

Thanks for the chuckles! enjoyed your post.

Anne said...

Thanks for shaming me into finding the time to hit the gym when I can't hit the road. My schedule hasn't been nearly as busy as yours and yet I've used it as a excuse too many times.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

you crack me up!

DawnB said...

really nice that you have gyms that stay open that late, way to get it in and nice workout

Ewen said...

What's the address of your gym again Phil?

I like your discipline in doing the session in spite of a trying day. You're a runner, not just ruler of the late night gym.

Speaking of 'subs', we had a shocker in El Centro - strange how the quality varies.

miss petite america said...

hahahaha...dude you'd TOTALLY kick my ass :) though i am weeks away from ending my maybe you wouldn't get as much satisfaction from beating an old lady like me ;)