Friday, June 06, 2008

Water for Elephants

You've all heard the line of bull that addicts need to "hit the bottom" before they can start the recovery process. I've never bought into that circular argument, since the "lowest" point of any process is, by definition, the bottom; but, I certainly felt like I bottomed out on Monday. I stepped on the scale and nearly fell off when it read: 201.5.

And like any good former addict, I'm off the juice; or more correctly, I'm off my one-man-attempt to consume 1/2 the calories in the known world. I am now on the path to righteousness. Back to sensible eating and water; lots and lots of water. Every time my tiny brain says SNACK, I fill up my 40 oz cup with ice and water (no wasteful bottled water for me) and literally quench the desire. I'm going through 100 ozs a day; nothing dangerous; just a well hydrated runner.



Addy said...

good call on the water. I could definitely do well to do the same.

My issue with the 'hitting bottom' deal is that because my mind believes in it, I more or less make my own bottom (i.e. eat a ton of random things I would never normally eat), that last supper syndrome, to create a bottom to go from.

Only problem is I keep getting tempted to 'hit bottom' once again, and never make any progress :P. Lately I've just been hanging out down there. I'll come up at some point :)

Randy said...

Hey Phil, just came across your blog through several other blogs. hang in there. I lost 25 pounds in the last 6 months after beginning to train for triathlons.

About 10 years ago I was at nearly 200 pounds and lost 45 pounds in 30 days by only eating Frosted Flakes cereal, lifting weights and running, but I don't recommend that for obvious reasons. I prefer the swim, bike, run and eating right version better. Water's the best.

Take care.

Mike said...

First of all I love the title of this post. When I'm tipping the scales at over 170 I usually go back to my tried and true diet: No booze, no soda, no fried food (chips etc.) and no cheese. I know dessert can be a challenge, so I allow myself something decent from time to time while cutting out the normal garbage full of fat and excess sugar (cinnamon rolls for instance).

The trick of course is making sure you have enough energy for workouts while taking in fewer calories overall. A snack 2-3 hours before a run (or some toast immediately before if it's early in the morning) helps me.

I know from experience it's also sometimes less fun to fight back to where you were than it is to break new ground (in training or weight reduction), but keep your chin up and you body will fall in line.

Ewen said...

And the scales said: "Ouch. Get off Phil. That's 91 kgs".

No cheese Mike! How can Americans live without cheese?!

Jamie said...

Good plan. I bet you'll find the pounds disappear pretty quickly.

J~Mom said...

Just being ready mentally is going to make a huge difference! You can do it!

Bex said...

I hear you on hitting bottom. Over the past few months, my running has been lackadaisical to non-existent and my ice-cream and chocolate intake has skyrocketed. Now I'm trying to get back on the running wagon, and I hope that by blogging regularly and keeping in touch with other runners, I can keep motivated to run well.

DawnB said...

You're not the only one phil. Hang in there lets pull each other through this one.

Gotta Run said...

If you don't get it together before I see you next week I am going to kick your butt into gear. SERIOUSLY!!!

PHIL... you have always inspired me with your focus...COME ON!!!! YOU CAN DO THIS!!!

Josh said...

I thought you were talking about the book... Which is on my reading list.

Keep the faith!

miss petite america said...

**must channel phil's weightloss vibes**

i find drinking water makes me hungrier. *sigh*