Sunday, July 06, 2008

Bike - Swim - Run - Bike

Ok, not exactly the right order, but as close as I was going to get this afternoon. I ran 11 miles yesterday and had a light day scheduled today; but, didn't feel like a light day; so, I hopped on my bike, rode 5+ miles to the gym; swam 1300 meters; and ran another 6 miles (with 2.5 at MP). The afternoon temps in Phoenix were up and over 109F; so 5 miles was about all I could pound out non-stop on the bike. Of course, the pool felt like it was filled with ice-water when I got inside the gym and jumped in the pool. After 30 minutes in the pool, it took 4 or 5 minutes on the treadmill to warm up again before I was running smoothly. No too bad.

It hasn't been the best of weeks, but I'm running stronger and feeling great. I racked up 36 miles again this week, that's two +30 mile weeks in a row. The last time I did that was in November '07, right before the start of my slide into oblivion.The cool thing is that I've ramped up to 35 MPW slowly over the last 6 weeks and have done so injury free. I've had a few sore days, to be sure, but nothing severe. Now, I need to focus on getting the rest of the excess weight off getting stronger and more flexible.

Week Totals:

Runs - 36.8 Miles
Tue: 7.0 Miles; Easy w/3.0 @MP - 9:09/mi avg pace
Wed: 5.0 Miles; Easy; 9:37/mi avg pace
Thr: 3.1 Miles; Easy; 9:30/mi avg pace
Fri: 5K; Race; 8:20 avg pace
Sat: 11.0 Miles; Easy; 9:19/mi avg pace
Sun: 6.0 Miles; Easy w/ 2.5 at MP (8:50)

Swims - 3 swims; 4000 yards
Bike - 4 rides; 35 miles

I'll be in town all week ... so I expect to get in another solid week ... hope the best for all of you.


Sub said...

Nice! Great to see you racking up the miles again...

Jamie said...

Looks like you're back! Awesome man, keep it going.

david said...

Looks like you have turned the corner...good job.

Anne said...

Impressive mileage gain, Phil. Those swim and bike bursts will help you stay injury-free.

jen said...

Great job increasing the mileage! So glad to hear you are injury-free. It's been hot here in CA and getting hotter this week, so I feel your pain.

Gotta Run said...

In town for an entire week. Your body is going to love the hard works again.

Your numbers are looking good.

Did a shout out to you on my july 4th run/race. Chased and passed two runners. Scott said to catch that one for Phil... so I did :-)

It was pretty funny!!

angie's pink fuzzy said...

yay for a solid week!

Grellan said...

Keep it up Phil, looking good.

J~Mom said...

When am I going to see you at tri practice at the lake? :>)

miss petite america said...

DUDE! that's one fancy chart you got there! you're racking up the miles like a champ!