Saturday, July 19, 2008

Racing Smart

Another Saturday, another 5K. But unlike the last 5K I ran this summer, I didn't take off like a bat-out-of-hell on the first mile. Instead, on this hot and sticky morning, I kept the throttle back and past the first mile at 7:49. This is one of the tougher courses on the Summer Series, not exactly hilly, but not flat either. The fist mile parallels a canal for 1/2 mile before dropping down into Kiwanis Park. The course usually runs along one of the man-made lakes in the park, but this morning the lake level was so high due to recent rains that we had to run along a step hillside; at least it was on grass. The first mile ends along a gradual climb towards the south side of the park.

Feeling pretty good at the end of mile 1, I kept cruising up the hill before turning north again and back into the park. I must have been doing something right. I was passing runners and not getting passed on mile 2. I passed the mile 2 marker at 8:08. A little slower than I'd like, but I still felt great (well, maybe not great, but I was holding it together).

The third mile heads back to the lake, along the hill side and up a hill to the canal before the last 1/2 mile to the finish line. I maintained my pace through most of the last mile until I got back up on the flat along the canal before I increased the pace to about as fast as I was going to move this morning. The temperature was raising as the sun climbed over the horizon and was near 90F by the time I got back to the canal. The humidity, although low by eastern US standards, was 34%. Not exactly perfect race conditions; but, I was hanging in there. Although I was running as fast as my legs would carry me, I wasn't passing many people; lots of fast people out running this morning. I finished mile 3 in 7:56.

So, at the end of the day, I ran a 24:40 5K this morning. I've still got a long way to go, but I'm coming back.

On the plus side, my buddy Lisa hit a PR this morning, finishing in 32:48. She was moving so fast at the finish line that I only caught her running out of the frame in her blue shirt and black shorts:

Week in Review

Not much to report this week. I ran on Tuesday, outside - way too hot. Afterwards, I drove 250 miles to Mexicali, Mexico to spend some quality time with my employees and try to get a few issues resolved at the site. This part of Mexico is so filled with contradictions. Really smart people (at least the ones that work for me), lots of grinding poverty, and a few interesting hip-and-happening restaurants. I got in a 3 mile run on Wednesday morning. No idea what the temperature was, but it was HOT HOT HOT, even when compared to Phoenix. I drove back to Phoenix on Wednesday afternoon after a 30 minute wait to get across the border.

The only workout worth mentioning was my ride to and from work on Thursday. 17.3 MPH average ... felt like I was flying.

Take care.


Ewen said...

"Running Smart" says it all. Nice pacing Phil. Faster than the last one but not as much pain.

Your buddy Lisa is looking good for the Shave Your 5k Challenge!

Thomas said...

Funny, we had a 5k on the same day, but luckily the conditions were better during my run.

And I found out that a suicidal opening mile can bring good results, albeit at the cost of a lot of pain.

You're doing plenty of running with that race series, Phil. Keep it up!

Gotta Run said...

Great report on your smart racing! I would not call hold back on that pace at mile 1 but then again I am not Phil :)

Nice pace on the bike. That seems to be my average no matter how hard I crank it. Still, I am pleased and just glad to ride.

Keep moving forward!

Anne said...

Glad to hear this 5k went better for you. That's a great time under all circumstances. Interesting to hear about the monsoons in AZ...whodathunk?!

Grellan said...

Well done Phil, smart racing, less pain and improving all the time. keep it up.

miss petite america said...

dude, you ran a great race! i couldn't run a 5k that fast even if it were a perfect day and eric bana was waiting for me at the finish line!

angie's pink fuzzy said...

right on!

Deene said...

running smart is good!

J~Mom said...

Wish I could say I was running smart. :>) Love that picture!! LOL

Candy said...

awesome! great job!