Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Suck it in buddy

Now that I'm feeling better, I took a chance and measured my waist line; what a mistake. 39.125 in around! That's 99.4cm for my buddies using a more logical system of measure. No scratch that, way to close to 100cm to even think about. Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, moi measured closure to 32in around at the navel. This morning, I was expecting something like 35 or 36; but 39, holy crap Batman? I look at all the fat guys walking around this country and try to use them as some type of morbid motivation; little did I know that I was matching them inch for inch.

Enough introspection ... the inches will come off.

Tonight I ran my first real workout in like forever.
Nothing fancy:

3 mile warm up at 9:30/mi
2x10min @ 8:20/mi w/2:30min @10:20 jogs after each rep
Cool down @9:30/mi through 7 miles

Deliberate ... plan says do "X", I do "X". This is what we do. We follow the plan. Doesn't matter what the plan is, we follow the plan. We're good doobies. Without a plan, we're just jogging. With a plan, we have an objective, we have a goal, we have purpose. Life is good.

Take care.


Jamie said...

Won't be long before the waistline gets back to normal at the rate you're going. You've been very consistent with the workouts lately, keep up the good work.

Thomas said...

That should give you plenty of incentive to up the running again.

Deene said...


you run fast for a 39 incher though, i suspect your are quite fit and it will come off quickly. best wishes!

Grellan said...

It's good to have a plan. It's certainly what gets me out on the road when other attractions beckon. Forget about the waist, the plan will sort it out.

Gotta Run said...

Plans and goals are a must for me... but you already knew that.

Let the inches fall off as easy as they come on.

Way to get back at it.

Ewen said...

In this logical country, we call that almost a metre ;)

The centimetres will come off with the progressive increase in training you're doing.