Monday, August 25, 2008


I have a friend (yes ... hard to believe) and he lives in a beautiful condo in Phoenix. The penthouse in the same building is in foreclosure and he's thinking of buying it on the cheap. Now, his idea of cheap and my idea of affordable don't intersect, but more power to him. I always think that I have a pretty good view of the north part of town from my house and then I go to his place. The views from the penthouse, on the other hand, are something altogether different.

Thought you might enjoy a few pictures I took from the 3 balconies, the largest of which is over 600 sq ft.

Camelback Mountain

Downtown Phoenix

Up-town Phoenix

Phoenix Country Club

Piestawa Peak (on the right) and North Mountain (on the left). If you follow the road in the center of the picture north and through the hills, you'd nearly run into my house.

The soon to be happy home owner, describing the 18' ceilings

Looking out towards Glendale, AZ


Jamie said...

Phat crib, yo. I always find the combination of deserts and mountains to be awesome. Nice views.

Thomas said...

Must have cost a fair whack, that place.

Gotta Run said...

When is the first cocktail party. I want to come!!!!

J~Mom said...

Hey, I was going to buy that place!

Ted said...

When the housewarming party? Am I on the list? The view is to die for! I cannot believe how green the grass are at the country club right in the middle of the hot desert. I wouldn't mind sitting on the balcony with an icy cold beer and just look out all day!

angie's pink fuzzy said...

i'm sorry, did you say one of the *balconies* was 600 sq ft?! that's the size of my apartment!!!

Ewen said...

Wow! And you could do 'hill training' by running up the stairs ;)

Yes, those golf courses in the middle of the desert always amaze me (esp as we're on permanent water restrictions). We saw a few between Vegas and lake Powell.