Friday, August 22, 2008

Coming up for Air

This is Friday, it must be Phoenix.

In what had to be the toughest travel-fest of the year I went from Phoenix - Seattle - Phoenix - Los Angeles - Toronto - Phoenix in 9 days. Visited 5 company locations, delivered 8 mid-year performance reviews, presented at one industry conference, and kept up with my usual work routine. I had this trip so tightly scheduled that I pushed everything to the limit. For example, I got to Toronto at 11:30 PM on Tuesday night, got to the hotel at 12:30 AM on Wednesday morning, worked until 2:00 AM, slept a few hours, got to the office at 8AM, worked straight through until 6 PM without a lunch break, met two employees for dinner, got back to the hotel and worked until 12PM on Wednesday when I fell into bed; back up at 5 AM on Thursday, off the airport, through passport control and security, and had breakfast ordered in time for a 7AM telecon with England. At 9:40AM flew 4.5 hours to Phoenix, arriving at 11 AM, drove south to Tempe to make a 12 noon lunch meeting, worked all afternoon and drove home 35 miles north - arriving at 8PM. Back up at 5:00 AM - drove 35 miles south to Tempe again for another set of meetings; worked through until noon then drove 40 miles to another facility in the far north side of town - sneaking in a teleconference with Mexico while I was driving North. Made it to the other office in time for a 1PM meeting with HR. Worked through the rest of afternoon until 6:30PM and was home by 7:00PM. I got a heck of a lot done. What I didn't get in was any running to speak of.

I got in 2 nice 4 milers through some easy hills in Seattle (Bothell actually) at the front end of the trip (when I was still semi-awake) and a great 6.5 miler from Redondo Beach, all the way through Hermosa Beach and half-way through Manhattan Beach and back with a jog the length of the Hermosa Beach Pier and Manhattan Beach Pier along the way. But that's it. Nothing to speak of while I was in Phoenix over the weekend and nothing while I was in Toronto. Just wasn't going to happen.

I'm now on vacation for a week; and where does a guy who is constantly on the road go for vacation? NOWHERE!, I'm staying in Phoenix.


OK ... I realize you all work hard and I need to stop whining; perhaps next week ... in the mean time; how about a few pics.

Nice picture from Seattle. This isn't the typical picture seen in most travel logs, but I really like this area of town.

The big marina is Redondo Beach, the hotel I was staying at is nearby. The pier in the middle is the Hermosa Beach Pier. The pier at the bottom of the picture is the Manhattan Beach Pier. Essentially, I ran from the marina to the bottom of this picture and back.

Catalina Island. I didn't make it out there this time, but it is a really cool place to go and I'd recommend it for a visit if you get a chance.




Grellan said...

That's one hectic schedule. Enjoy the vacation. I'm also off work for th week and staying put. No place like home.

jeanne said...

whoa. that's an insane schedule! I definitely do NOT work that hard. too bad you missed running in Toronto--it's a great city.

Of course I am now DYING with curiosity about what it is you do! :)

Anne said...

If anyone deserves a 'staycation,' it's you, Phil.

Ewen said...

That schedule would leave most people dizzy and collapsed on the couch!

Enjoy your vacation. Phoenix sounds exotic enough to me :)

Progman2000 said...

Running in Arizona - wow - I'm guessing a little different than running in NJ. My brother has been bugging me about buying property in AZ - I should point him at your blog.

Michele said...

that is one crazy travel schedule. i would stay hme for vacation too. enjoy.

DawnB said...

how do you keep up such schedules. after that I probally would have staye home for a month!!

the photos are beautiful!!

Deene said...

I'd stay in after a schedule like that too! Catalina Island is a lovely place to visit.

Jim said...

dude . . . I hope you make TONS of money. If not, you are selling your sanity for nothing! Enjoy your "stacation". Maybe a few nice relaxing runs in the heat will do!