Saturday, August 02, 2008

South Bend :1 - Phil: 0

South Bend, Indiana kicked me, and kicked me hard this week. I flew up to Chicago on Wednesday morning, rented a car and drove 120 miles east to South Bend, Indiana. Simple enough, I travel all the time, but I always have trouble with South Bend ... ever since they switched to Eastern Time, 3 hours ahead of Phoenix. Worked a little and took in a late dinner at one of the better restaurants downtown and got to bed well after mid-night local time. My alarm went off at 5:30, but my body wasn't having any of it. Somehow, my brain did the math and figured out it was really 2:30AM, no way was I getting up for a 6 miler on Thursday morning; heck, I barely got to my morning meetings on time.

Friday morning wasn't as tough. I didn't have to be up as early and managed to get out of the hotel for a planned 6 miler with 4 at tempo pace along the St. Joseph River. Pretty cool. The air was damp and temperature was relatively cool. After a relaxed mile warm up, I headed north up the trail, running close to 8:11/mi. North of town, the trail raises 50 or 60 feet following an abandoned railway right of way. Feeling pretty good, I finished up the first mile at 8:11, turn around and started running down the hill. However, within 1/4 mile, my legs just shut down. I stopped running. I was dripping wet, but nothing else. Heart wasn't racing, no nasty lactic build up, no pain, no suffering. Just a whole lot of nothing. I walked the mile+ back to the hotel .. not my best run. I've run on this same trail when it was covered with 6 inches of snow without trouble, but I couldn't handle this delightful morning.

I flew back to Phoenix on Friday afternoon only to arrive at the tail end of 116F (47C) day time high. Now, that's blazing hot, even for a died-in-the-wool desert dweller. I think the low on Saturday morning was 95F, so I headed to gym to try my tempo run (better late than never) on a treadmill.

This was much better. A mile warm up at 9:30, followed by 4 miles at 8:20ish. I modulated the pace and kept the treadmill inclined between 0.5 and 1.0%. Nice run. Didn't get winded, did feel like stopping, didn't get tired, just ran and ran and ran. This is what it supposed to feel like.

10 miles on the plate for Sunday. We'll see how that goes.



Thomas said...

Three hours of time difference are a lot. You should have tried running in the evenings, provided that your schedule would have allowed it, of course.

Anne said...

I don't know how you get in so much running while traveling through all these different time zones, Phil. I had wobbly legs yesterday and, judging by this morning's soreness, think I just wasn't used to putting in that much effort. You are a real trooper, though. I wouldn't run to the mailbox, let alone 10 miles farther in those temps.

Gotta Run said...

Those temps are just to hot to want to live in!!! Guess we should be thankful for the DREADMILL after all. You held a nice pace and great job on adding some slight hill variations.

Hope your 10 miler rocked.

Stay cool!

DawnB said...

and I'm complaining about the the crap we get here!!

Love2Run said...

We've all had runs where the legs simply shut down and we end up walking home. Chalk it up to experience and try another day. Nice work on the mill!

Ewen said...

Sounds like your legs needed some extra sleep. Just a bad day Phil - don't worry about it.

As for 47C - now that IS hot! Nice job on the treadmill - it does look like your running form is slowly returning.

Deene said...

time differences just kill me when i travel, i don't know how you do it with all the traveling.
stay cool!

Dusty said...

I had to walk from the heat the other day - smart to know when to slow down. Try to shake it off. I did and have no regrets. Sounds like your body might have just been too tired & humidity is different that that dry desert heat.

Hope you have a nice run on Sunday.

Amy said...

Time differences stink! Hope your run this morning was a good one!