Sunday, September 21, 2008

The rest of my life - Week 1

As Hervé Villechaize used to shout at the beginning of that hackneyed TV show in the late'70s, "it's dee plan, dee plan", or something close to that. Well Hervé, it really is all about sticking with the plan; and this time around, I like the plan likes me.

This week, I ran 4 runs of 5.2 miles, 6.3 miles, 4.5 miles and 10.6 miles; three run in my Aerobic zone and one recovery run, run slightly slower. I've also lost a few pounds and I'm now back down to where I was last September; still to high to be sure, but heading in the right direction.


MON: Rest
TUE: 5.2 miles, Aerobic: 10:20/mi; HR avg=135, peak=144
WED: Rest
THR: 6.3 miles, Aerobic: 10:18/mi; HR avg=132, peak=142
FRI: Rest
SAT: 4.5 miles, Recovery: 10:25; HR avg=121, peak=137
SUN: 10.6 miles, Long: 10:02; HR avg=138, peak=155

WEEK TOTAL: 26.6 Miles
Weight: 186.5 lbs


Addy said...

Goog plan :) Glad you're back on track and heading towards your goal!

J~Mom said...

Sounds great!!

Chad Sayban said...

Sounds like you are making good progress. Thanks for the great advice on my last post.

Ewen said...

Dee plan is working Phil. I like the look of those aerobic runs - keeping the HR down.

Hope it's not getting too cold for you on those desert mornings.

pink dogwood said...

I have my half marathon coming up soon on October 11th. Being a newbie runner, I am so afraid that I will stop running after that - my goal is to pick a race, sign up,and make a plan before October 11th so that I keep on running.

I like your plan :)

Gotta Run said...

Now here is the man with the plan :)

What a great week in numbers. It will only get better i am sure.

GO Phil!!!

DawnB said...

you had a pretty good week, its easy when we have the time.

Mike said...

Run often, and run slow enough to keep running often. You've been here before and seen good results from it.

At some point the weather will start cooperating a bit more, which should help immeasurably.

The weight will come off. I was at 213 for awhile before coming to my senses.