Sunday, September 28, 2008

Week 2 - The come back

Another good week, another good long run; 12 miles, starting at 5AM this morning. Although the calendar says Autumn, it is still hot here in Phoenix. At 5AM, 90 minutes before sun up, the air was a very warm 82F (28C) and slightly humid, at least by central Arizona standards. I'm really looking forward to cooler mornings, but that will have to wait a few more weeks.

I left my lab home this morning, concerned with his ability to keep running for 2 hours without water. He got up this morning with me at 4:30, but seemed to be happy to go back to bed following his breakfast. He just doesn't think about running when it's still seriously dark outside; of course, he'll eat at any time.

Without the dog, I was free to go anywhere, so I headed east. The wind was blowing softly, but there wasn't even a hint of coolness in the air. I took the first mile very slow and barely got my HR over 120, this while running up a shallow incline for most of the mile. Around about 1.5 miles, I crested the hill and picked up the pace on the second mile, driving my HR up to 135, which has become my de facto standard for aerobic running, at least during the first half of my runs. I continued east for another mile, before turning north, initiating a large 4 mile loop to the east of my usual haunts. There was no one out this earlier this morning. No runners, no walkers and only a few cars; it was kind of peaceful.

Mile 3 through 5 whizzed by. I sped up on the down hills and slowed down on the up hills, but kept my HR at 135 (+/- 3). Around mile 5, something changed and my HR crept up to 140. Since I wasn't paying any attention to pace, I hadn't realized that I was speeding up and I actually ran mile 5 in 9:34. In fact, I'd been speeding up mile after mile through the first 5. I slowed down on mile 6 to get my HR back to 135, but let it drift back up to 140 on mile 7 and 8 as I looped back to the spot where I had cached my water bottles. I stopped for a few seconds to guzzle half a water bottle before heading out for the last 4 miles.

Mile 9 was OK, but I really struggled on mile 10. Nothing specific mind you. No aches, no pains ... my body was just getting tired of running. Although I had ignored my Garmin for nearly 100 minutes, I found myself checking it every few seconds as I approached the 10 mile mark. It would be so easy to stop. I was less than a mile from home and 10 isn't such a bad number. It's better than 9 or 8 or 7 ....

Finally, I got a grip and powered through the rest of mile. After that, I stopped looking at everything and just ran. Finishing up miles 11 and 12 in 9:34 and 9:44 respectively. Pretty cool run overall.

Mile Splits: 10:45, 9:55, 9:55, 9:42, 9:35, 10:04, 9:45, 9:55, 9:39, 10:54, 9:34, 9:44; AVG=9:58/mi


MON: Rest
TUE: 6.4 miles, Aerobic: 10:06/mi; HR avg=136, peak=144
WED: Rest
THR: 8.1 miles, Aerobic: 10:28/mi; HR avg=137, peak=151
FRI: 2.3 miles, Hills: 13:03/mi; HR avg=122, peak=173
SAT: 4.9 miles, Recovery: 10:26/mi; HR avg=127, peak=142
SUN: 12.0 miles, Long: 9:58; HR avg=137, peak=150

WEEK TOTAL: 33.7 Miles
Weight: 188.5 lbs

A very good week of running.


david said...

Good solid week!

Jamie said...

Very good week indeed. Looks like you've gotten your mojo back.

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

Nice job with the comeback. Twelve miles in week two is pretty awesome.

I saw a glimmer of hope...the weather forecast has next Saturday and Sunday with highs of 90 and a low of 60. Let's hope it turns out to be true.

Ann Ewbank said...

Nice! Way to power through the end and not let that voice in your head talk you into stopping.

mindy said...

Killer week Phil!! I admire your commitment and follow through - excellent momentum, congrats!

Ewen said...

Good run Phil, and a good week. It's all coming together nicely.

Our Spring arrived in earnest on Sunday (24C), so your Autumn can't be far away :)

Gotta Run said...

Your 10th mile pace realy reflected where your mind drifted. I would hate to see what my splits looked like on my long run yesterday.

I love that you are plugged in and back on track!!! Keep at it!!

angie's pink fuzzy said...


Grellan said...

Looking good Phil. The plan is coming together nicely.

Mike said...

That's a week to be proud of Phil, nice work.

jen said...

Wow, great run and great week. The heart rate stuff is really interesting.

J~Mom said...

WOOHOO!! Welcome back Phil!

Anne said...

I'm catching up...and apparently so are you, Phil. You're already doing 12-milers?!

(And it's been in the 90s here too!)

Josh said...