Saturday, October 04, 2008


So far, its been another solid week of base building with 21 miles through Saturday. The weather is finally starting to cool; by cool, I mean that the morning lows are now under 80F (27C). However as I found out this morning, even cooler temps won't make up for lack of hydration. I took off this morning at 6AM for a 6 mile recovery run, trying to keep my HR below 130. What a hoot.

After warming up for a mile, I settled in on a mild up hill on mile 2, starting out around 125 BPM; however, my HR was soon up and over 130. Run, run, run (133); shuffle, shuffle, shuffle (125); run, run, run (133); shuffle .... this pattern continued for the first 3 miles. There's something almost comical about trying to keep one's HR low; whereas running a tempo too fast, or running intervals too fast will wear you out, but fast ... slowing down when you're feeling great and barely breaking a sweat is something all together different.

On mile 4, I had to resist chasing down two other runners on a mile long climb. I'd gain 50 to 100 feet on them and then have to shuffle for a while so as not to exceed my max target. Never did catch them. Next week, I'll be sure to hydrate well and (with any luck), can push the pace a bit harder.

Sunday is my first outdoor 13 miler since 1/1/08. Should be fun. Weather is expected to be overcast with a chance of rain. Certainly beats 100F.

Week's Running through Saturday

MON: Rest
TUE: 7.0 miles, Aerobic: 10:09/mi; HR avg=134
WED: Rest
THR: 8.7 miles, Aerobic: 9:44/mi; HR avg=134
FRI: Rest
SAT: 6.0 miles, Recovery: 11:08/mi; HR avg=128
SUN: 13 miles, planned.

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Ewen said...

"Almost comical" is a good description Phil. I often slow to a walk on uphills during low HR runs, and worry about getting into a humorous "race" with a hiker.

Good luck for the 13 miler.