Saturday, November 01, 2008

My Calendar says November, My Thermometer cries September


For some reason, the gods at Google have deemed my prose inadequate an have deleted the running portion of the post not once, but twice. Too tired to type the whole thing again ... I will simply summarize:

1) It's hot as hell in central Arizona - what gives? It's November and temperatures are still in the mid to high 90sF
2) I'm traveling again and have had little time to blog - bummer
3) Running is going well. After coasting along for two weeks following the Grand Canyon traverse, I got in 30 miles this week. Except for my long run this morning, which was a complete bust, the rest of the week went well.

PICTURES - Not Running Related - but cool.

From Running in the Sun

I took this picture in Phoenix while waiting for a flight to Seattle. You can see down-town in the background. It was a pretty afternoon.

The rest of the pictures in this series I took yesterday while on the Phoenix Loft Tour. Although I still haven't sold my house; I'm still looking for a simpler life style, which means moving down-down. The "home" tour I went on yesterday with some friends was really a guided tour of new loft condos in and around the central core of Phoenix. The views from the high-rise buildings were spectacular, but my heart is still set on something a bit more organic.

From 2008-11-01 - Phoenix Loft Tour

This is a really cool building situated next to "Chase Field" - the baseball stadium in Phoenix. The views from the community room on top of the building were great:

From 2008-11-01 - Phoenix Loft Tour

From 2008-11-01 - Phoenix Loft Tour

From 2008-11-01 - Phoenix Loft Tour

I checked out a couple of other high rise buildings during the day, but in the end the one I really like was a small cluster of 5 condos just north of down-town. Each unit is 4 stories high with unobstructed views from the top two floors. Now, if I could only sell my house.




Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Hopefully we are finally at the end of all this heat.

Glad to hear the running has gone well.

Good luck with selling your home. Those new buildings look pretty cool.

Ewen said...

Good to hear the running is going well Phil. That's a spectacular sunset shot - beautiful.

I hope the move goes well. That bottom one does look good and homely for a condo.

By the way, I type my posts in notepad first - that way if the Google-gods are grumpy I haven't lost my prose :)

Gotta Run said...

I like the last picture best. Maybe this week will be the week that the buyer walks in your house.

I will send good vibes your way!

Nice toals on your miles even if your long run was a bust.

Amy said...

Good luck with all of that.

The weather here is sortof perfect but I'm sure we'll get our share of unpleasantness in the next week or so....

J~Mom said...

Very cool Phil!! I would love to live downtown at some point in my life. We are firmly planted in the burbs right now so maybe after the last one graduates!

Anne said...

Be glad you aren't trying to sell a home here in San Diego. Maybe you'll land a buyer soon and can try out that loft living. I'm a bit jealous you're downsizing.

Michele said...

That first pic is GREAT!!!!
glad to hear the running is going well.
Good luck with selling the house and moving.

Ted said...

Don't get me wrong. Phoenix is one such beautiful city. I wouldn't mind having a condo right in the heart of Phoenix. Awesome pixs !!!