Sunday, January 25, 2009

Piestewa Peak

Another good week. Although I only got in 25 miles this week, I managed one fantastic hike through Piestewa Peak Park in Phoenix on Saturday. A friend from work and I hike the ultra-crowded trail to the summit and then the longer (and tougher) circumference trail around the peak.

As always, I took a ton of pictures.

From 2009-01-24 - Piestewa Peak Park

Yours truly along the Piestewa Peak Summit Trail

From 2009-01-24 - Piestewa Peak Park

My friend standing on top of Piestewa Peak - note the woman checking out his butt.

From 2009-01-24 - Piestewa Peak Park

Parts of this trail are steep. It rained the night before and the air was hazy with water vapor

From 2009-01-24 - Piestewa Peak Park

The White Tank Mountains 30 miles to the west. The smoke plumes are condensation caused by the cooling towers at Palo Verde Nuclear Power Station - 60 miles to the west.

From 2009-01-24 - Piestewa Peak Park

Self-portrait from the top

From 2009-01-24 - Piestewa Peak Park

Phoenix through the haze

From 2009-01-24 - Piestewa Peak Park

The sun finally broke through the morning clouds. The "V" shaped shadow is the top of Piestewa Peak

From 2009-01-24 - Piestewa Peak Park

Fields of Saguaro Cactus along the Circumference Trail (Trail 302)

From 2009-01-24 - Piestewa Peak Park

Camelback Mountain off in the distance

From 2009-01-24 - Piestewa Peak Park

You just can't get too many cactus pictures


rolf said...

I don't remember piewsta peak, did they rename squaw peak? My dad and I used to run up squaw several times a week when he was training for a grand canyon hike.

jen said...

Gorgeous shots of the hike and the valley. I get a little dizzy just looking at that steep section. Nice running and nice hike! :)

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

I just love the pictures you always take. Great job!

rolf said...

I just googled piestewa and see it is the old squaw peak. BTW, when I say "run up" squaw peak, what I really meant was hike up and run down reasonably fast. I do miss having trails like that so close to home.

Joe S said...

Great pics and a wonderful blog, Phil. My sister lived out in Scottsdale for about 10 years and I have wonderful memories of my visits out there. I remember going to South Mountain to see the sunset and off to various parts of the state for sightseeing. Keep up the good work.

Ted said...

Simply breathtaking !!!

Anne said...

Once again you've done Phoenix proud. Great pictures...makes me want to be there right now.

Ewen said...

I like the one at the top with the cactus in the background. Also the shadow of the peak. That's some steep hike! Spectacular views.