Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Spur Cross Ranch

If any of you are floating around the far north end of the "Valley of the Sun", near Cave Creek, you have to check out Spur Cross. I've never been up there, but was glad that I finally took the time to grab a friend and head north.

Although the weather wasn't perfect by Arizona standards, we still had a great time. Parts of the park are rugged, steep and rocky; other areas are relatively flat with groomed trails. Everywhere you look, however, there are cactus, cactus and more cactus. In addition, there was water flowing in Cave Creek. It was a great day. I posted a few pictures below.

Running: Running is non existent at the moment. Total mileage last week was ZERO. This week so far is ZERO as well. No excuses, just haven't made the time. I know better. I'm not injured. I'm just letting all the drama and the sum of my other obligations and interests get in the way. I know this isn't healthy. I know I'd feel better .... Somebody kick me upside the head and get me moving before it's too late!

Yoga: I missed Yoga on Tuesday, Friday, Monday and Tuesday. That makes 4 sessions in a row. I missed it tonight, because I want to have dinner with one of my daughters. I missed yoga on  Monday because I was working 35 miles north of the yoga facility and couldn't get my schedule to work such that I'd make the session. I don't remember why I missed last week's sessions, I did. Again ... no good.

Friends: You all have been terrific. Thanks for sticking with me. Again, you've proven that the running community is made up of totally awesome people.

Spur Cross Ranch Pictures

First ... RUNNING WATER! This is Cave Creek with flowing water. Look quick, it won't be here in a month.

Yours truly at the end of Elephant Mtn Trail.

This park has massive Saguaro Cactus

Saguaro Cactus in love. I'd never seen a Saguaro split like this.

The landscape was increadibly green along all the trails. The short grass will be dead in 4o days, but for now, we are loving it.

One more shot of Cave Creek with water flowing  ... did I mention the water?

One final picture. It dawned on me that of all the pictures I post, I'm always wearing the same thing: White hat, dark sun glasses, sleeveless top and running shorts. Just to prove that I own clothes, I'll include a shot I took along side my Mustang yesterday.


Gotta Run said...
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Deene said...

go to yoga!!

J~Mom said...

That made me LOL Phil...I often want to tell people that I do wear make up and such. LOL

Hang in there!!! I know the next few weeks will be rough!

Love2Run said...

Nice clothes! Has anyone told you that you look like Lance? Now get out there and burn off some of that excess energy! Great pics of the desert.

Anne said...
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jeanne said...
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