Sunday, February 01, 2009

Superstition - Round 2

Hi all ... this hasn't been my best week. I only got in 9 miles for the entire week in three runs. My heart just wasn't in it. On the plus side, I did take a few more photos of the Superstition Mountains in central Arizona that I can share:

Superstition Mountains Looking East

From 2009-02-01; Superstitions

All roads lead to the Superstitions

From 2009-02-01; Superstitions

Superstition Mountains as the sun sets
From 2009-02-01; Superstitions

Cholla cactus are every where out here

From 2009-02-01; Superstitions

Same Cholla, different angle
From 2009-02-01; Superstitions

Cholla Cholla everywhere
From 2009-02-01; Superstitions

Lone Saguaro Cactus (with another Cholla)
From 2009-02-01; Superstitions


RunningLaur said...

beautiful pictures as always.
Nine miles is better than no miles. Hopefully next week finds you a few more.

Thomas said...

I won't pretend I'm impressed with your mileage but I definitely am with your pictures.

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

Those are great photos. I hope you running spirits brighten soon.

Gotta Run said...

If we did not have a 15 year old Scott and I would pack it up and move to AZ. We enjoyed the trip that much!!

You coming our way this month??

Ewen said...

Hang in there Phil. You have such beautiful running locations - just like us ;)