Saturday, March 07, 2009

Ostrich Festival 5K

Race Report: Yes, this is fundamentally a running blog and I am happy to report that I ran a race. A real race, with bib numbers and a clock and everything. Just like the big boys run.

There was another stunningly beautiful Arizona sunrise as I drove down to the Chandler, AZ this morning for the Ostrich Festival 5K. This is an extremely small race, probably less than 200 runners involved. The race ran straight up the main drag in the tiny town of Chandler, did a 180, ran south past the finish line, did another 180 and finished with a mad sprint to the line. Straight and Flat.  Flat, Flat .... really flat.

Gun time was scheduled for 8AM, but was delayed by 30 minutes. The folks with the barricades didn't show up until 7:45AM and the Chandler police wouldn't allow the race to start until all of Arizona Ave was blocked off in both directions. This was no easy feat. AZ Ave is the main thoroughfare through town and the police had to block off all the cross streets and businesses for 1.5 miles. The race director kept telling us that we'd start "soon" and then "relatively soon" for 30 minutes. All this time, I just jogged around near the starting line, trying not to tighten up in the cool Arizona morning air.

Finally, the starting horn blew and the really fast guys took off with me in pursuit (LOL). My breathing became labored quickly and I knew I was running way too fast, so I backed off a little. As I passed the 1 mile mark, I good looking (read - very fit) couple passed and me and I asked the guy if he took a split; "6:50", he reported.

6:50 first mile. No wonder I was winded. In the past three weeks, my weekly totals have been: 0, 8, 4; I wasn't up for an early morning 6:50 mile. My quads were squawking and my lungs were burning, but the turn around was less than a 1/2 mile up the road, so I kept looking forward, continuing to run as fast as I could.

The nice couple continued to put distance between us and I know I was slowing down because several more people passed me after the first 180, although I picked up an adrenal rush as I could now see the long line of people behind me on the opposite side of the road. I may be slow, but at least I wasn't near the end.

The leg back to the start line was about what you'd expect; left foot, right foot, repeat. Thoughts of, "what am I doing out here", swirled through my brain. Push, push,push, ever pushing forward. It's only 3 miles Phil, SUCK IT UP and get moving. I never did see the 2 mile marker, but turned it on over the last 1/2 mile in an attempt for a good showing at the finish.

The clock read 22:29 as I crossed the finish line. I think that works out to an average 7:15/mi pace. Since I ran the first mile in 6:50, I slowed to an average pace of 7:27/mi over the last 2.1 miles. Not exactly melting the rubber on my soles. But all-in-all, a good morning.

I even got a few pictures (you knew I would have pictures)

You can't have a race in Arizona with women with guns on horses

My best side

Pre Race Game Face
Warming up on a cool Arizona morning

Yoga: I'm keeping up with yoga as best I can. Work has been insanely crazy of late and I've missed several day time classes as a result. But I'm getting out and doing it. My only regret with yoga is that I didn't start it earlier.


Gotta Run said...
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Anne said...
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Love2Run said...

Zoom, zoom! Great race, wish I coulda been there. You're blasting off in all directions at maximum velocity there Phil so be careful not to burn up.

J~Mom said...

Congrats on your 5k!