Sunday, April 12, 2009

Camelback MTN

From time to time, I actually do what I say I'm going to do. I had a 3 day weekend this weekend and I was determined to hike Camelback MTN. Camelback raises 1,200' feet over the desert floor, not particularly high by many standards, but the "trail" to the top is only 1.2 miles long. It's up, up and up some more. In addition, there really isn't a trail as such much of the route. You more or less pick your way up through the rocks and boulders. Great fun.

I'm slowly getting back into shape, so hiking up Camelback after running 23 miles this week was a bit of a stretch, but I took my time and made it to the top in one piece. Along the way, I got some nice photos:

Camelback MTN as viewed from the north (along Tatum RD)

The Praying Munk rock formation

These are the first set of stairs on the climb out of Echo Canyon. The woman in brown was smoking a cigarette. I didn't see her at the top.

Bench at the top of the stairs. Piestewa Peak is in the background

This is the first tough part of the climb. The city installed a hand rail in the middle of this section to give hikers something to clutch on the way up and down.

Getting over all these boulders requires us of hands.

The White Tank Mountains 20 miles to the west.


Cool rock formation.

Nice shot of the mountains in north Phoenix

Hole in the rock

Up and Up and Up

Lots of people struggle with this section of the hill

I chased this girl all the way up the hill, but just couldn't catch up with her AND take pictures.

Couple in love at the top of Camelback.

You know you have money when you have your own soccer field in your backyard and an address in Paradise Valley.

Trail down the east side of Camelback. The main trail comes up the west side of the hill.

Your's truly sweating up a storm