Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Global involve global evolve forum

Today I will discuss about my client who has a site running 2 languages on the same page. google count it as a non English site. A translation link also provided at sidebar of global evolve

How difficult SEO Task here. The site is

Global Evolve

Now come to the point. I made some correction for ON page optimization. Title, meta and content. Also images.

Searched on google: found below

01. Evolve is today's product for today's business. Evolve is designed for the way people work today, with the latest technical and design features plus - not a forum site or related

02. About. This is the 'Footer Widgets Right' widget section, add some widgets to change it. © 2011 Evolve Global. All rights reserved. youtube facebook twitter -- is a evolve global site. Not global evolve

03. Evolve offers everything you want in an office furniture system. As your business grows, Evolve grows with you and adapts to changes within the workplace

our site is targeted for global evolve. It is not illegal means and need branding. Site has a lot of users and related to common forum topic like warez, torrent, radio or whatever you like

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